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Projects Overview (last update - November 3, 2022)

Last Update: 2022-05-17


Noble Mineral Exploration Inc.'s ("NOB") projects include:


Project 81 Timmins-Cochrane Properties

An exploration and development property, in excess of 25,000 hectares, in the Timmins-Cochrane area of Northern Ontario, for which the Company holds mineral rights. Project 81 is a land package of patented, optioned and staked mineral claims, The property hosts a number of zones that have historical exploration identifying nickel-cobalt-PGMs, VMS and gold mineralization from work carried out in the 1960's and 1970's (these sample results are historical and non-NI 43-101 compliant) as well as assay results from drilling conducted by the Company in 2012, 2018 and 2020. In addition, Noble has a 50/50 agreement to acquire 7 patents and 310 tenure identified mining claims totaling ~6,600 ha in Carnegie, Kidd, Wark and Prosser Twps. Noble has options to acquire 307 mining claims (the “Claims”) in Mann, Hanna, Duff, and Reaume Townships, covering an area totaling approximately 6,539 hectares. The Company has also staked an additional 256 mining claims in Mann, Hanna, Duff and Reaume Townships totaling approximately 5,453 hectares. These claims have been optioned to Canada Nickel.

Nagagami River – Hearst Area, Northern Ontario

677 claims through staking, to cover the Nagagami Carbonatite/Alkalic Complex, located about 65 kilometers Northwest of Hearst Ontario. The staked area is equivalent to about 14,600 hectares or 140 square kilometers. A study of the magnetic data for the Nagagami Complex and the Niobec Mine both indicate a donut shaped structures with syenitic rocks forming the circular magnetic high with carbonatitic rocks forming the central magnetic low. At Niobec, it is in the central magnetic low where the Niobium and Rare Earth mineralization is hosted. Two drill holes have been completed on this project and results should be available by year end.

Holdsworth Property

A wholly-owned gold exploration property in the Wawa area of Ontario. ~450kg samples of the Oxide Sands on the Property from various pits and trenches, which have returned assay results for Gold (Au) of 3.42-7.93g/t and 15.0 – 73.9 g/t for Silver(Ag). One 25kg. sample was sent out for testing to a facility in Montreal to determine if it can be converted to a concentrate from which the gold and silver can be recovered. The oxide sand material was prepared (ground, mixed, homogenised & split) prior to being concentrated by flotation. Two distinct flotation tests were conducted and generated concentrate products containing 35.84 g/t Au (Flotation #1) and 33.19 g/t Au (Flotation #2). Gold recoveries from the flotation stage ranged between 50% and 52% with mass pulls of 8.6% (Flotation #1) and 10.7% (Flotation #2). The Flotation #2 concentrate was submitted to both an oxidation and acid leaching pre-treatment prior to the gold and silver extraction. Using CLEVR, 97.7% of the gold in the concentrate was recovered and 43.2% for silver.

Boulder Property

Noble has acquired a Copper-Precious Metals Prospect near Hearst, Northern Ontario. The Company has optioned to acquire a 100% interest in 204 claim units in Way Twps. The claims extend from about 4 to 15km southwest of the town of Hearst. The staked area is equivalent to approximately 4,500 hectares. A 140kg boulder was found in the area containing significant concentrations of base and precious metals, upon which an analysis, conducted in 2019 by the Ontario Geological Survey, determined that the boulder contained; 71.8% copper, 3.5% lead, 1.09% zinc, 252 g/T of silver, 3.79 g/T of gold, 4.43 g/T of palladium, and 2.22 g/T of platinum and consisted primarily of the mineral cuprite.  The significant discovery of the highly mineralized boulder was in an area that has not seen much past exploration. The discovery of the source of the boulder would be an important mineral find.





Graphite property in the Outaouais area of Western Quebec area of the Grenville Sub province of Quebec. The Buckingham Property totalling ~3,700 hectares. The additional 2 claims cover the Buck Graphite Occurrence that has been explored as recently as 2016. In 2013, a high-resolution heliborne magnetic (MAG) and time domain electromagnetic (TDEM) survey covered the area surrounding and the newly acquired claims. One anomaly outlined a 1-kilometer-long conductor (identified as NNE Conductor in Figure 1) historically known to host graphite mineralization.  Infill drilling is planned for the 2023 winter exploration season. 


Copper-Nickel-PGM property near Val d’Or, Quebec. The property consists of 15 claims (483 hectares). The property is road and power accessible, located only 4 kilometers east of Highway 117, the highway that connects Montreal to Val d’Or. The Cere Villebon property consists of pyrrhotite and chalcopyrite mineralization in fracture fillings hosted by ultramafic rocks in the metamorphic halo of the Freville Batholith. The copper, nickel, platinum group mineralization is located in two zones, the North and the South Zone (See Figures 1 and 2). Drilling and resource estimates done by the Groupe La Fosse Platinum Inc., in 1987, evaluated a historical resource of 421,840 tonnes grading 0.52% copper, 0.72 % nickel and 1.08 g/t combined platinum-palladium (Groupe La Fosse Platinum Inc., 1987 Annual Report). This estimate is historical in nature, non-compliant to NI 43-101 Mineral Resources and Mineral Reserves standards, and therefore should not be relied upon. Infill drilling is planned for the 2023 winter exploration season.


Nickel-Copper-Cobalt-Gold property near Rouyn-Noranda, Quebec. The property consists of 12 claims (518 hectares). The property is road and power accessible, located about 100 kilometers south of Rouyn-Noranda. The Laverlochere property is located on the southern part, of the east-west trending Belleterre-Angliers greenstone belt that is made up of an assemblage of sedimentary and volcanic rocks of Archaen age (See Figure 1). Several Nickel-Copper-Platinum Group occurrences and showings have been discovered in the Belleterre-Angliers greenstone belt. Approximately 30 km east of the Laverlochere property, the Lac Kelly property reportedly contains of 1.4 million tonnes of 0.7% Copper, 0.7% Nickel, 0.33 g/t Platinum+Palladium with a potential for minor amounts of Cobalt and Rhenium. In the same general area, Blondeau Nickel has outlined 227,000 tonnes of mineralization grading 0.45% Copper and 0.45% Nickel. Historic exploration in the area has outlined four separate zones of Nickel-Copper-Platinum Group mineralization in gabbroic bodies interbedded in mafic to felsic volcanics (the above estimates are historic in nature not 43-101 compliant).

Havre St. Pierre

A Nickel, Copper PGM property. Noble recently acquired 188 claims covering approximately 10,152 hectares. The claims cover approximately 56km of prospective contact. An airborne geophysical survey and drilling are planned for the 2023 winter exploration season.



Island Pond                                                                                                                                   

576 mining claims (the “Claims”) in Central Newfoundland, covering an area totaling approximately 14,400 hectares that is geologically mapped as a single unit of Cambrian-Ordovician siliclastic sediments trapped between a series of non-magnetic Devonian Plutons to the west and southeast. The plutons themselves are not considered to be of exploration interest but they could have altered the rocks around them. From the regional magnetic data, a strong magnetic trend exists within the siliclastics that is interpreted to be an unmapped volcanic intrusion. A preliminary structural interpretation, based solely on regional scale aeromagnetic surveys, suggests a multi-fold metamorphic history with a very high potential for repetition of stratigraphy within these newly staked claims.

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